Monday, April 28, 2008

Chris's Running Playlist

Here is the music that Freshman runners listen to, or at least, my Freshman runner:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheryl's Big News

Cheryl got an acceptance letter from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Actually, CSDH was her third choice (her first two being Cal State Fullerton, and Cal Poly Pomona). But, it is very exciting that things have finally started happening for her. She called Cal Poly Pomona and they told her that she would hear by middle of May. She hasn't been able to get a hold of anyone at Cal State Fullerton yet, but she is going to keep trying. We took another trip to Cherry on Top to celebrate!

Weekly Sports Report

I have no photos this week... I'll expain why...
Firstly, soccer! Galaxy defeated their in stadium rivals, Chivas 5-2! What an amazing game! Landon Donovan (whose photo you saw last week) scored three out of the five goals! Then Alan Gordon came in and scored 2 more in a matter of minutes! We really like Alan Gordon. He tries so hard... We saw Tom Cruise at the game, but I didn't have my camera with me.

Chris's track meet didn't go very well. He got a cramp during his two mile run and finished in 12:07. He may have been disqualified from competing in CIF next week, we'll have to see. I wasn't at the track meet; I was on jury duty.

Chris's soccer game today was very exciting; so exciting that I forgot to take pictures. Chris assisted a goal! He made a beautiful pass through the midfield to the striker, who scored! We got ice cream tonight at Cherry on Top to celebrate. Unfortunately, he also took a player from the other team down in the box. The PK that Chris caused, along with a red card offense by another player on his team, resulted in a 2-2 tie.

Cheryl's Lacrosse game was another loss to Sage Hill High School 6-7. I hear it was a very close game. Again... I missed it because of jury duty.

Cheryl's coed soccer team, Team BOB, lost Thursday night 4-2. Again, I wasn't there, but she said she saved a goal. Other than that, no other highlights.

Yep, I was on jury duty... It was a DUI. The lady had alcohol and meth in her blood; and she failed the field sobriety test. She was also violent, uncooperative, and was cussing at the police. The trial resulted in a hung jury! It's very frustrating! I feel like I just wasted a week and a half of my life... That's our judicial system in action...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

Let's start with Soccer.. The Galaxy tied Houston Dynamo 2-2. Both goals were scored by this guy... Landon Donovan, co-captain of the LA Galaxy with David Beckham. The kids were invited to a private autograph session with Landon and Miss Galaxy after the game... Thanks to Joy Fawcett!

Chris's team won their soccer game against Ladera Ranch, 2-1. The last time they faced off against this team they tied 3-3.

The Capo Lacrosse team lost both of their games this week. The first game against Tesoro was 7-17. The second game against Dana Hills was 8-9. Cheryl's counting the games until the end of the season... only three more to go!

Chris's track meet this week was against Mission Viejo High School. He ran the 3200m again (that's 2 miles). His time wasn't that good, 11:58, but he still came in third Frosh/Soph for Capo. He's been invited to run in the CIF Preliminary meet in a couple weeks.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Magic Mountain

I was beat... There's nothing like trying to keep up with four teenagers in an amusement park, LOL! It's the last day of Spring Break. I had to work... the only day I was able to get off was Friday. So, on Friday we headed off to Magic Mountain. It's the kids' first time there, and we let each of them bring a friend. It was a 2 hour drive and a beautiful day in Valencia. It was in the 90's. Perfect for those drenching water rides.

Here are the boys... don't they look like they're too cool? LOL! They're both 15yrs, and we set them loose in the park with money for lunch and a cell phone. The boys rode every roller coaster in the park... some of them twice.

The girls are 17 and 18yrs. They, surprisingly, stuck with us for most of the morning. We headed to Tatsu first, but it wasn't working. Then we headed to Viper. My hubby, Jim, loves roller coasters, but he gets motion sick. After Viper he had to take a rest, and the girls took off. They got stuck in line a couple of times (once when someone got a bloody nose on the ride and the operators had to clean it up, and when Tatsu broke down again). They didn't hit as many rides as the boys, but they did get on all the "must-ride" roller coasters. Jim and I only did three roller coasters and a couple of the water rides. BUT, We saw Bugs Bunny in the Surf's Up parade. LOL!

Here are the kids riding Tatsu... They're in there somewhere... LOL!

Book Review

Time for another book review, before I forget all the books I read this month...

"24 Hours" by Margaret Mahy was indeed an entire book that takes place in 24 hours. It is about a good kid, Ellis, who is swept away by a sequence of events, and falls in with the out-crowd. He learns that the out-crowd are not bad kids, just misunderstood. Even running with the bad crowd, Ellis can't help doing good. The moral is: Money does not make the person. I really didn't care for this one. It was way too slow.

I was on a Margaret Mahy roll! The next book I checked out of the library was "Alchemy." To my surprise I already read it (I hate when that happens, LOL!) I liked it the first time I read it, but not enough to want to read it again. A boy gets entangled with a magician who is trying to steal another girl's powers. It has been a long time since I read this book, so I don't remember all the details. I remember that there was something about the universe unraveling. I guess since I didn't want to read it again, after I already read it, should give you the hint... I don't recommend this one either.

"Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman brings to life the fantasy world of London Below... which is a very bizarre world. If you cross Alice in Wonderland with the Brother's Grimm, then you have Neverwhere. Richard Mahy, an insecure loser in London Above, drops into London Below and finds in him a strength of character, honor, and courage that he didn't know he possessed. I did enjoy the references to real life (above ground) London, and how he twist and turned it to fit London Below. If you like adventure, bizarre, and are a little disturbed; this is the book for you!

I love all of Cornelia Funke's books. "Dragon Rider", "Ink Heart", and "Ink Spell" being three of my favorites. "Igraine The Brave", was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was, well, uninteresting. There are giants, a talking cat, magicians, and magical singing spell books. There are good guys that are very good, and bad guys that are very bad. Good things only happen to the good guys, and bad things only happen to the bad guys. I can see this book appealing to young children, maybe as a great read-aloud bedtime story. Since nothing bad happens to the good guys, it won't give the little kids nightmares. So my recommendation is... great read aloud for little kids; right up there with "My Father's Dragon" and "Toad for Tuesday."

At our house, we are big fans of Jack Prelutsky's poems (more so than Shel Silverstein). This is a fun rhyming poem... not about a kindly wizard, but a wizard who you'd want to watch out for. The poem is set off and enhanced with amazingly beautiful illustrations by Brandon Dorman.

This was a wonderful, charming retelling of the Brother's Grimm tale, "The Goose Girl." A wronged princess, and evil lady in waiting, and magic powers... what could make a better tale? Ever bit as good as "Princess Academy."

Well that's it for the kids' books. I also ended up reading a supermarket romance novel, which I won't mention here. This is a family blog... LOL!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crystal Cove State Beach

I love running at the beach, but I've been avoiding it until I felt my leg was healed. Here is another beach I run at. Welcome to Crystal Cove State Beach. It's a deserted beach... no surf here, and it's too long of a walk down to the beach for the casual picnic-ers. The only one's you find here are the occasional walkers and runners. The length of my Crystal Cove run is 7 miles, the same as my Trestles Beach run.

Here is the view from the parking lot. You can't even see the beach from here, but the wild daisys are a beautiful sight.

You can see it's a long walk down the cliff to the beach.

Here's a view of the tide pools from the trail. A lot of school field-trips will come here to view the Marine Life. At this time the tide is on its way in.

A nice view up the coast to Newport Harbor. The harbor is huge, with no commerical traffic. A lot of superstars have houses on the islands in Newport Harbor.

Here is a nice view of Crystal Cove... or is it Emerald Bay... Hmmm, I'm not really sure.

See all the things littered all over the sand? Those are shells, big ones! Mostly, mussels and scallops.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekday High School Sports Report

Chris set a 3200m goal of 11:36... and beat it. He ran 2 miles in 11:30... a new PR for him and 15 seconds faster than his last PR! He came in second for Capo Frosh/Soph. I don't know what his place was overall. The Varsity wore their shirts normally. The JV wore their shirts backwards, and Frosh/Soph wore their shirts inside out. It was impossible to tell the backwards shirts from the inside out shirts as they were crossing the finish line. There was big celebrating after the meet! The boys won their second meet of the season!!! They haven't won two meets in one season for the last five years! The boys head coach came over to congratulate the long distance team. He said that the long distance runners won them the meet!

The Capo Lacrosse team lost 8-9 against Trabuco High School. It was a very close game. Cheryl saw her chance and ran the ball down the field. She almost scored!

Now for the soccer... Chris had two games. Saturday, they lost against another Mission Viejo team 0-4. Sunday, they had a much better game... winning 4-0 against Laguna Niguel.

Cheryl played in a College Showcase in Temecula. They couldn't find enough U19 players so had to take two 14yr olds with them. These kids have never played with the team before. As expected, they were creamed! They lost 0 to a gazillion on Saturday, and 0 to half a gazillion on Sunday. It was very sad for the girls who wanted to get scouted by the college coaches.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scrapping the Music - Stronger

It's been a month since I've attempted a Scrapping the Music challenge. I just had to do this week... it's my son's favorite song: Stronger by Kanye West. So, here it is... a layout of my son:

Journaling reads:
CVHS Freshman yr 2008, you joined the Capo Cross Country team. You figured that it would get you in shape for the winter high school soccer season. Little did you realize that you would like running more than soccer! You finished the season with PR of 19:08, and at the end of year banquet, you were named most improved runner of the season.