Saturday, April 26, 2014


The wind was howling and the rain was pouring last night, but this morning was bright and beautiful! We took the opportunity for a 5-mile run at Dana Point... Cheryl, Jena-girl and me! It was an easy 9:40 pace today. We gotta rest up! Marathon training starts again tomorrow.

On the job front... Cheryl started seeing patients this week and working on her own. She is LOVING her new job!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Welcome Spring! Welcome Easter! It's the time to celebrate all things new... new goals, new outlook on life, and renewal of spirit...

Cheryl and I were out running Aliso South Wilderness Part yesterday, and the wildflowers were in full bloom!

We decided that we are joining a Christian running group called, "Running with Soul." Next week they start their marathon training for the Long Beach Marathon. I don't think we are running a marathon in October, but it should be fun to train with them. Everyone there is very very nice! The leaders of the group, Naomi and Steve, are Ultra runners. We should learn some great running tips from them. Something for Cheryl to store away for her Ultra someday...

Happy Esster everyone!

April Card Kit Reveal!

Welcome to the Club Mojo April card kit reveal! We have 10 ladies in the club this year!!! These are all wonderful ladies who I've had the good fortune to meet at Scrappin' Mojo.

It's time for our Club reveal, and this month's card kit was put together by Kim O! I love the sweet spring-time prints! I had lots to play with. I combined Kim's wonderful kit, with the stamps/embellies that I received from Beth and Terri as prizes from out last online crop.

Here is my first card. It uses paper/embellies from Kim's kit and sequins/stamps from Beth.

This one uses paper from the Kim's kit, vellum/cardstock/acrylic butterflies from Terri, and bling from Beth.

My last card uses paper and embellies from Kim's kit, cardstock/vellum from Terri and sequins from Beth.

That's it for me this month! Be sure to checkout the creations from the other ladies:

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Joshua Tree National Park

Welcome to Jumbo Rocks Campground at Joshua Tree National Park. Where it is bright, sunny and about 50F.

Can you see our truck and trailer down there?

We took several treks through the desert...

... through the Joshua Tree forests....

... and exploring the occasional cave.

Jena LOVES camping! She's a real dirt dog!

An unexpected surprise from all the rain we just had... There were lots of desert flowers in bloom:

It was a GREAT weekend, but now it's back to work...
Have a great week all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cheryl has a job!!!

After taking a well deserved 3 month break, Cheryl started looking for a job. She had 4 interviews and ended up with 3 job offers. Her first offer was at a place only 3 miles away. Her second offer was at a place in Laguna Beach, right across the street from the beach. Her last offer (the one that she really really wanted) was at Rausch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Center. They are only 5.5 miles from the house. You can check them out here:

I was lucky enough to be working from home the day that she got the email. She was over the top with happiness! We were all very excited for her. I told Chris that we should take her to Farrell's to celebrate, but she veto'd that idea and we went to PeiWei.

She's not toddling around the house anymore, coloring with markers on the table. She's not acting out the three little pigs or playing prince and princess with her dad. She's not a little kid anymore.

She's an awesome 24-yr-old... totally focused on what she wanted to do since she was a Junior in High School. For all the things I wish I could go back and do differently as her mother, she has emerged with grace and wisdom... one of the nicest persons that I know. BIG {sigh}...

She started working today. I am so very PROUD of her!