Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diamond Border Punch

One more crafting share... When I bought the Threading Water Punch two days ago, I also got this punch: the Diamond Border Punch. I have a weakness for gadgets (be they scrapping gadgets, kitchen gadgets, or whatever...) One round border punch and one sharp border punch, perfect! That's all I'll ever need. I tried this punch out, and tried punching both sides like I did for the Threading Water punch. I had to cut the strip just a touch wider (15/16" wide). I love the results! It looks like lace.
Here's a graduation card that I made for my neice.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Threading Water Border Punch

You know how scalloped borders are the height of scrapping style? You can purchase scalloped border sheet paper, scalloped border strips in different colors, cut your own (completely undesirable), or punch it by hand with a corner punch.

BUT what if you could make pretty scalloped borders quickly and easily. This little tool is taking the scrapping world by storm. I got mine from Michael's yesterday. The young man at the counter, stopped and looked at the punch I was buying. He said that he sold 4 within the last 4 hours, and he wanted to see what it was.

This will give you an idea about the size. It's very easy to use... just line up the edge and punch. After you punched it once, slide the paper over and line up the punched pattern to the silhouette on the punch base, and keep punching.

Here's a cute idea that I heard about from an MB. If you cut a paper strip 7/8" wide, punch one side, then punch the other, you get a cute circle border.

I used it right away for the border on this layout. I had some trouble getting the corners to line up nice, so I had to cover the corners with die-cut circles. I'm sure with trial and error, I'll get the corner measurement correct.

And best of all this little tool cost me $8.11 at Micheal's using my 50% off coupon. I just love a deal!

Running Today - 8.35 miles

Here are some pictures from my run today. I went down to Laguna Beach to run along the cliffs, but they had the cliff trail closed at about 0.5 miles outside town. Here are a couple of photos that I took from the top of the cliffs:

So I went back into town to run, and stopped by my favorite store in the world! You know how some husbands will take their wives out to dinner for Mother's Day, Birthday's, or Anniversaries? Well, my husband takes me to.... The Candy Baron!!!

And that's only a picture of half the store! It's probably a good thing I didn't have my wallet with me... Hehehe

Monday, May 26, 2008

Half-Marathon Training - Week #2

I made all my goals last week.
Here is my schedule for this week:
SUN - off
MON - 5 x 800m (interval training)
TUE - off
WED - 40-60min (pace)
THU - off
FRI - 1 mile time trial + 3 miles
SAT - 25 min (easy)

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My mom and dad celebrated their 50th anniversary last night at Todai. Todai is an all you can eat Japanese buffet, and the food is amazing! My dad heads straight for the crab legs, with my son following close behind. My daugher prefers the hot food, while I head for the sushi. There's something there to please everyone.
Unfortuntely, my hubby came down with a stomach bug just before we left, so he had to stay home. He was bummed... He loves Todai! That's my daughter in the background... what a bug!

After dinner we headed to my brother's and sister-in-law's house for cake and champagne. My brother gave a nice toast.

Everyone was having a great time. You can tell because I got a rare picture of my son and daughter together smiling! LOL! Below is one of the kids all playing together. I left my two at my brother's house to spend the night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Half-Marathon Training - Week #1

I'm starting half-marathon training today.
The half-marathon is in 15 weeks! My son and I are both running in it. My target time is 2:30. I'm hoping that's realistic for me (August is going to be very hot in Anaheim). My son is trying for under 2 hours.

I need all the encouragement I can get!

Here's the schedule for my first week:
SUN: off
MON: 8 miles
TUE: off
WED: 40-60 minute run (pace)
THU: off
FRI: 40-60 minute run (speed)
SAT: 25 minute run (easy)

I think it's time for a new progress map to Woodsfield, OH.
Not much changed from last time {sigh}. I'm still in New Mexico.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shopping for the Prom

Cheryl has never been to Prom and she missed Winter Formal this year because of our Mammoth vacation, so I told her we would go all out for Prom this year (her senior year).

We started with the dress. We went to the Jessica McClintock outlet in Montclair. That's about 60 miles away. It was well worth the trip. Cheryl was looking for a short dress, and they had lots of short dresses. BUT the best part is that all short dresses were on sale this weekend for $20! Every single short dress was $20!!! Here were Cheryl's two favorites. She decided on the silver one. She sure has grown up a lot in the last year... last year she would have definitely picked the orange one.

Since we made out so well on the dress, we decided to go crazy on accessories! Well, not too crazy... the hair ornament is Swarovski Crystal, but the place that we bought it from will up-do her hair the day of the Prom for free! The earrings were from Chloe's. We searched and searched for silver shoes. Cheryl couldn't find anything that she loved, so decided to wear the black shoes she already owns.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! I made a card for my mom. My sister-in-law is picking up her present. She said she got the easy part. I told her I had the easy part, LOL! I haven't made a card in ages and it was fun! Can you believe it took me all day? I am way out of card making mode.

Here is my Mother's Day present from my hubby. He's in the kitchen making breakfast as I type this, AND he sharpened my garden clippers this morning (I asked him to do that about 3 weeks ago). That's so sweet. My son is doing is homework today with no arguement... greatly appreciated! My daugher is still sleeping. She was coming down with the cold that my son brought home to share. For lunch we are picking up Pollo Loco and heading down to my mom and dad's house.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

Chris had two away games this week. Saturday was against San Clemente. There was an accident on the freeway and about 25% of the team was late! Also, their goalie had been red carded last game, so was not allowed to play this game. It was sad for them... they played hard, but lost 0-3.
Sunday they played a team of BIG boys in Foothill Ranch! Look at Chris against the player he was marking. Most of these boys drove themselves to the game, and had serious facial hair. I thought the team was going to get killed! It was a very physical game, but they won 4-1!... and they fought for every single one of those points!

The season is over! Cheryl is sooooo happy! LOL! They were handed two more losses this week. Against Tesoro, they lost 7-9. Against Aliso Viejo, they lost 9-14. She doesn't care... the season is over! Now I just need to finish the video show for the Lacrosse banquet and we are DONE! No more Lacrosse... ever!

Still Running...

Chris and I start training for the Disneyland half-marathon... through the "Happy Mouse Kingdom" (LOL!, that's from the "True Meaning of Smekday," the book I'm reading now.)
The half-marathon is Sunday, August 31. The training program runs 16 weeks, so we start training next weekend!

I'm one fourth of the way to Woodsfield, OH... I just crossed the border into New Mexico, passing through Zuni indian territory. I don't think I'll make it to Ohio by Christmas, as I originally planned {pout}, but I'll keep trying!