Thursday, March 21, 2019

White Coat Wine Bottle Cover (Pattern and Directions)

I was recently faced with what to get as a gift for a White Coat Pinning Ceremony. For those that don't know, for DPT students, the white coat ceremony signifies their transition from full-time classroom curriculum to the start of their clinical rotations. So, not a graduation, but still something major worth celebrating. And what's better for celebrating than WINE!

Who would have thought my doll clothes making skills would come in handy dressing up wine bottles? Click on the image below to download the PDF pattern from google docs.

I drafted this pattern for a white coat wine bottle cover to fit an empty wine bottle that I had at home, which was 10" in circumference. However, the wine that we purchased as the gift was 11" around. I didn't realize that wine bottle sizes were so different. After a slight panic attack, I threw the pattern on a copier and enlarged it by 10%... problem solved.

Cut the pattern out from two 9"x12" pieces of white felt.

Attach fronts and back at the shoulder seam.
Attach the sleeves to the front and back.

Sew the collar to the coat... I sewed mine so that the collar seam was on the outside. This made the collar stand up when flipped and folded to the outside. A little bit of the seam showed at the front, but I just trimmed it and whip stitched it down. Maybe, next time I'd try sewing the collar so that the seam is on the inside...

Sew the coat side seams and turn it right side out.

Now for the fun part... add your details!

  • Buttons! Buttonholes aren't needed since this will slide on over the top of the bottle.
  • Attach pockets.
  • Border stitch along the center front and lower edge of the coat
  • The school's logo printed on clear sticker paper and stuck it above the breast pocket.
  • The pin created from a tiny brass brad (in my case I painted it white and added a logo with clear sticker paper).
  • The student's name embroidered on the pocket.
  • As a little extra gift, I hung a cute necklace from bottle.

I hope that someone will use this pattern someday. Drop me a note and let me know if you do!