Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a GREAT weekend!

First of all we had tickets to see Les Miserables at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. All of us! Jim and Chris too. The singing was amazing, and the play was as sad as I remember. This time I brought tissues, and I shared them with Cheryl too, hahaha!

Saturday was cleaning, laundry, market, and a Galaxy game! What a GAME! The Galaxy won 3-0! They are finally playing well. It was so much FUN!

Sunday, we took the truck out to get dirty. Jim wanted to try the 4-wheel drive while it was still under warranty. Well, it works GREAT! Jim is very pleased with how the truck powers up hills and handles off road. Here are some pictures from today (again from PicMonkey).

... a lot of driving, a little hiking, and a picnic... We had a nice relaxing day in the mountains.

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Card Kit Time!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a good weekend. Mara put together the kit for this month... a perfect kit for Father's Day! I cut into this kit right away, so it's a good thing that Mara sent us a picture of the kit for our blogs.

My project this month is not a card, but a box. I always love the GREAT decorated boxes done by Mara. She's on the design team at My Time Made Easy. They have such wonderful box templates! Beth also makes great gift boxes for gift card giving, instead of just sliding them in an envelope.

Well, here is my box. I made it to hold my dad's Father's Day gift. I recycled a mailing box, and prettied it up for gift giving!

I LOVE all the wonderful embellishments! That's my favorite part of the kits. Everything matches! I also get some embellishments that I would not normally use or try myself. Look I created my first flags :oD

Thanks for stopping by, now go checkout the wonderful projects from the other ladies in the group!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea World!!!

We finally managed to make it Sea World before our free tickets expired! We got there early and it was EMPTY! We walked right on the rides... no waiting in line. It did get busier later in the day. We missed the ride lines, but got caught in the lunch lines! Here are some pictures that we took yesterday. I used Pic Monkey to create the collages. No signing up or registering, and so SIMPLE to use! I LOVE it!

After our full day at Sea World, we had to run to LAX to pick up Chris. He was supposed to come in on an 11:30pm flight... because of delays, he didn't get in until 12:30am... AND because of the 605 traffic, we didn't get home until 3am! We all wished Jim a Happy Father's Day and then went to bed, hahaha!

This morning, we all had a slow start. It's almost noon and Chris is still sleeping. It's almost time to wake him up and get him up and get this Father's Day started!

Happy Father's Day to Jim and Papa, and all those dad's out there!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Sea World, but....

We had planned on using the free Sea World passes from the Rock n' Roll race, but Cheryl was working this weekend. She was scouting for new players at the Mission Viejo Tournament both Saturday and Sunday. Our second plan was to go to the movies to see Snow White or the Avengers... that didn't happen either.

This weekend, I broke out my sewing machine and made a baby quilt for the neighbor. The baby is expected any day now. The quilt isn't done yet, but it's getting close.

While my machine was out, I made a new happi coat for Cheryl. Hers has been too small for about 5 years! It's about time I got around to it. Does she remind you of a hana fuda card? The one with the deer and the star flowers? lol!

And lastly... Jim bought a car... well, a truck. I see some off-roading and camping in our future!

Jim actually just went to look at the truck. He just wanted to drive a 4-Runner. Well, the dealer gave him such a GREAT deal that he couldn't resist. So, the truck is ours!

On top of all that Jammer came to stay. She and Jena were playing playing playing all weekend long! I hope everyone had a great weekend... Monday comes to FAST!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock n' Roll Baby!

We are ran the San Diego Rock and Roll half-marathon today! The picture below is us at package pickup. What a zoo that was! There were 31,000 people registered for the marathon and half-marathon and most of them did package pickup between 12-5 yesterday! We did have fun at the Expo. It was great with LOTS of freebies :oD

Cheryl decided that we should run in costume. Chris vetoed the tutu, and I veto's the fishnet stockings (can you imagine the rash?), YIKES!

We decided to start slow on the costume thing... Michael's had t-shirts on sale for $3 each today and I had a 20% of coupon. We all picked a rock and roll band/personality, and made t-shirts. We used iron-on transfers. They were so easy and the results came out GREAT!

The shirts aren't done by a long shot... Next step, we will all take scissors to our shirts and personalize them for the run.

Here we are dark and early this morning!

You can't see Cheryl's shirt in the picture so I had her model it for me when we got home. Isn't that COOL?!!!

Anyway back to the race... We got up at 4am. Jim drove us to the drop off site at 5:05am to catch the bus to the starting line. I have never seen so many buses! There were buses as far as you can see!

Bye, Jim! See you in a couple hours!

We thought that we'd be waiting at the starting line for an hour! Well, not quite... the bus got stuck in traffic and dropped us off a LOOOONG way from the starting line. There were 40 corrals. We started in corral 9, so we had to walk past legions of port-o-potties, baggage drop off, and 31 corrals before reaching ours. We had only about 5 minutes to wait before the race started! Jim told me that it took them 1 hour and 15 minutes to get all the corrals started.

I'll post some more pictures of the race when I get them, but here are our results:

Chris : 1hr 57mins
Cheryl : 2hrs, 10mins - 2 minute port-o-pottie break = 2hrs 8min (a new PR)
Me : 2hrs, 8min - 5 minute port-o-pottie break (there was a line) = 2hrs 3min

That reminds me.. Check this out!

They were selling port-o-pottie Fast Passes! Yes, believe it or not... It's TRUE!!!