Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Sea World, but....

We had planned on using the free Sea World passes from the Rock n' Roll race, but Cheryl was working this weekend. She was scouting for new players at the Mission Viejo Tournament both Saturday and Sunday. Our second plan was to go to the movies to see Snow White or the Avengers... that didn't happen either.

This weekend, I broke out my sewing machine and made a baby quilt for the neighbor. The baby is expected any day now. The quilt isn't done yet, but it's getting close.

While my machine was out, I made a new happi coat for Cheryl. Hers has been too small for about 5 years! It's about time I got around to it. Does she remind you of a hana fuda card? The one with the deer and the star flowers? lol!

And lastly... Jim bought a car... well, a truck. I see some off-roading and camping in our future!

Jim actually just went to look at the truck. He just wanted to drive a 4-Runner. Well, the dealer gave him such a GREAT deal that he couldn't resist. So, the truck is ours!

On top of all that Jammer came to stay. She and Jena were playing playing playing all weekend long! I hope everyone had a great weekend... Monday comes to FAST!

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  1. You have been busy!!! The quilt is adorable! You did a really good job piecing it together. I could not figure out the pattern and was very impressed. Love the happi coat too!!! Cheryl looks beautiful as ever. And, for the truck...WOW!!! Love the color and can't wait to hear about your camping adventures.