Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock n' Roll Baby!

We are ran the San Diego Rock and Roll half-marathon today! The picture below is us at package pickup. What a zoo that was! There were 31,000 people registered for the marathon and half-marathon and most of them did package pickup between 12-5 yesterday! We did have fun at the Expo. It was great with LOTS of freebies :oD

Cheryl decided that we should run in costume. Chris vetoed the tutu, and I veto's the fishnet stockings (can you imagine the rash?), YIKES!

We decided to start slow on the costume thing... Michael's had t-shirts on sale for $3 each today and I had a 20% of coupon. We all picked a rock and roll band/personality, and made t-shirts. We used iron-on transfers. They were so easy and the results came out GREAT!

The shirts aren't done by a long shot... Next step, we will all take scissors to our shirts and personalize them for the run.

Here we are dark and early this morning!

You can't see Cheryl's shirt in the picture so I had her model it for me when we got home. Isn't that COOL?!!!

Anyway back to the race... We got up at 4am. Jim drove us to the drop off site at 5:05am to catch the bus to the starting line. I have never seen so many buses! There were buses as far as you can see!

Bye, Jim! See you in a couple hours!

We thought that we'd be waiting at the starting line for an hour! Well, not quite... the bus got stuck in traffic and dropped us off a LOOOONG way from the starting line. There were 40 corrals. We started in corral 9, so we had to walk past legions of port-o-potties, baggage drop off, and 31 corrals before reaching ours. We had only about 5 minutes to wait before the race started! Jim told me that it took them 1 hour and 15 minutes to get all the corrals started.

I'll post some more pictures of the race when I get them, but here are our results:

Chris : 1hr 57mins
Cheryl : 2hrs, 10mins - 2 minute port-o-pottie break = 2hrs 8min (a new PR)
Me : 2hrs, 8min - 5 minute port-o-pottie break (there was a line) = 2hrs 3min

That reminds me.. Check this out!

They were selling port-o-pottie Fast Passes! Yes, believe it or not... It's TRUE!!!


  1. What great photos Joni!!! I have such fond memories of running the marathon there in 2006. Your running shirts were awesome!!! I remember how overwhelmed I was with the crowds but also how excited it was. I love the photo of all 3 of you on the bus, very cool.

    Great run Joni, Chris, and Cheryl!!

  2. Love the pictures!!!! You always do such a good job posting pictures. Great job on the race and way to go Gheryl!!! PR!!!!

  3. LOVE all the photos Joni!!! The shirts turned out FANTASTIC!!!! LOVE you could buy a port o potty fast pass.. HA HA! WHAT will they think of next! :)
    CONGRATS on the run times!!
    Have a GREAT day!!