Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea World!!!

We finally managed to make it Sea World before our free tickets expired! We got there early and it was EMPTY! We walked right on the rides... no waiting in line. It did get busier later in the day. We missed the ride lines, but got caught in the lunch lines! Here are some pictures that we took yesterday. I used Pic Monkey to create the collages. No signing up or registering, and so SIMPLE to use! I LOVE it!

After our full day at Sea World, we had to run to LAX to pick up Chris. He was supposed to come in on an 11:30pm flight... because of delays, he didn't get in until 12:30am... AND because of the 605 traffic, we didn't get home until 3am! We all wished Jim a Happy Father's Day and then went to bed, hahaha!

This morning, we all had a slow start. It's almost noon and Chris is still sleeping. It's almost time to wake him up and get him up and get this Father's Day started!

Happy Father's Day to Jim and Papa, and all those dad's out there!


  1. I love picmonkey!!! Your collage is so much fun, Joni. Looks like it was a great day at Sea World! I love the one of Cheryl surfing on the turtle. Happy Father's Day to your hubby and i'm glad Chris is home safe and sound!

  2. Looks like a great day! What are you doing wearing long sleeves? Love the hats! It looks like Jim has two mustaches! LOL

    Welcome home Chris!