Sunday, September 20, 2015

Girl's weekend!

Last weekend was my brother's annual darts tournament. It's a guys only event. So Cheryl and I decided that it would be a good weekend for a girl's getaway. We've wanted to take Grandma on a trip with us for a while. Cheryl suggested Santa Barbara wine tasting, but Grandma isn't a big wine drinker. I suggested San Diego, but Cheryl said that she's ready been there. So we compromised on Ojai. The last time we were there was a few years ago for the Ojai to Ventura marathon. We were so beat after the race that we didn't get the chance to checkout the cute town. 

It took only 2 hours to drive from Grandma's house. We got there in plenty of time to join a food walking tour. 

We stopped for three different kinds of tamales at La Fuente. Then on for more Mexican food at Las Caporales. 

Then a quick stop at a Taquilla bar. No sampling there though. Too bad because Cheryl wanted to try for the scorpion, ha ha!

Next stop was Carolina Gramm Designs for olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting. 

By this time the temps were climbing into the 90s, so our next stop for Freezer Monkey Popsicles was very welcome! We had to eat th quickly because they we're melting FAST! 

Next stop was wine tasting at Ojai Vinyard. You'd think they put that in just for Cheryl. 

Last stop was dessert at a very cute cooking store called Tipple and Ramble. 

After the tour we walked through the unique boutique shops in downtown Ojai.  Our favorite was an outdoor used book store called Bart's. 

The only thing that we bought that day was a garlic chopper for Armand. Thinking back, it seems like a bizzare choice. Blame it on the margarita, three glasses of wine, and the wine spritzer, lol!

After checking into the hotel and relaxing a bit, we actually got hungry again! After some internet research, we walked down the street to a little Italian restaurant and ate out on the patio. The evening temps were perfect. 

We were outside to try to catch Ojai's famous Pink Moment, but the clouds had moved in. No Pink Moment that night :(

The following morning, we hit the free breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Farmer's market. 

Everything looked so GOOD!

It was fun sampling the fresh baked goods, popcorn and fruit. We bought a lot! It's a good thing that grandma brought tote bags! 

They had yummy green plums, Ojai pixie tangerines and a white watermelon that we couldn't resist. 

The flowers were beautiful too. I was tempted, but it was going to be a long hot ride home. 

That's it for our whirlwind weekend of fun and laughs. It was great spending time with Cheryl and my mom. Opportunities like that should not be put off. Those are memories that will be treasured forever.