Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Card to Share...

This is the first item that I've crafted all summer! Of course, inspired by our little girl Jena!

I took Jena to her first night of puppy school. What a disaster! LOL! Out of the 18 dogs there, 15 were perfectly behaved. Out of the three who were not perfect:

1) A carin terrier puppy was yappy. The instructor took care of that by spraying his front paws with a water bottle.
2) A big golden retriever would jump every time the high school marching band started to play.
3) Jena!

Jena was trying to twist out of her collar and drag me across the parking lot. We had to line up with our dogs in two lines facing each other. Jena refused to stand between two other dogs. She was so terrified that the instructor put us on the end of the line... way on the end... And even there, she tried to take off again any time another dog moved. Everyone was taking turns walking the dogs up and down between the lines. Of course, Jena refused! And the marching band practice wasn't helping things. She'd jump every time they hit the drums. Jim was disappointed. He had been working so hard with Jena on our heeling homework that he was sure she'd be the STAR of the class... not that she would show anyone what a good walker she was!

The instructor says not to be discouraged. She just needs to get used to being around other dogs... We'll see... Next class on Monday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cross Country AGAIN!

It was blazing hot. I put our outdoor temperature sensor in the sun just to see how hot it was... and it was 137F!!! YIKES!!!

The Dana Hills Cross Country Invitational runs, rain, or shine, or HEAT! Thankfully, since they are closer to the ocean, it wasn't quite as hot there.

Chris reminded me... "Mom, you need to update my PR on your blog!" LOL! Yep, Chris has a new 3 mile PR! *** 17.14 *** That 8 seconds off his PR from last weekend!

There were only 4 races this weekend: Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. All the varsity runners ran with their own age groups. There are 4 varsity seniors, who all came in under 16.30. The first non-varsity senior came in just under 17.00, followed by Chris at 17.14. So, he got 6th place... non-scoring... but still a GREAT time!

In fact, the entire senior team finish under 17:30! They are going to have a GREAT JV team this year! The boys already have plans to take 1st-6th place overall in the league cluster meet next week!


EDIT: *** The Senior team took third place overall at the Dana Hills Invitational! The boys cross country team got a nice BIG trophy for the school trophy case!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

High School Cross Country!

It's the night of the Woodbridge Invitational. There are five races this evening: Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors and Sweepstakes (Varsity). Chris's raced with the seniors. The second to the last race of the evening, starting around 8:15pm. He said the boys were so pumped up by then that the first mile of the race was really violent... lots of pushing, shoving, elbowing, hitting and words (not very nice words). The team captain told them to start fast in the first mile, pass other runners in the second mile, and hold their position in the third mile. Chris beat his one mile PR in the first mile, 5.09! AND beat his XC PR by 30 seconds!... FINISHING in 17:22 (2 seconds after the 3rd place runner on his team). He was the 4th senior across the line, so in a scoring position, and earned himself a medal!

In fact, ALL the seniors finished under 18 minutes! Just 30 second pace under the Varsity. We've been looking for how the Senior Team did relative to the other schools, but haven't found it... I bet they placed really well!

Everyone was so happy, and congratulating each other while walking to the bus... And the bus was GONE! It turns out that the girls cross country team took both buses back to Capo, and left the boys stranded. The coach called one of the bus drivers, and he had to come back to pickup the boys. Chris didn't get home last night until 12:15am!

Congrats Chris! Congrats Seniors!
Go Capo!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet...... Jena!

Look who's home! As soon as we saw her, we decided that she was a Jenny, but Cheryl didn't like the name Jenny... so Jena it is!

We got a call yesterday afternoon that we could come get her TODAY! I expected a dog who was out of it, and recovering from surgery... instead we have an over abundance of unrestrained puppy enthusiasm!
She's been looking around, being curious, checking things out. The neighbors have been over to say, "Hi" too. We are supposed to keep her quiet and calm for two weeks. FAT CHANCE of that! LOL!

She is so sweet! We can already tell she is going to be a GREAT DOG! Oh, and we can also tell that she's not house broken (oops... don't tell Cheryl).

We all love her dearly, and she's already part of the family!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone?

Sorry about the lousy photo. It was taken with Chris's cell phone. Still no word from the animal shelter, so these are the only photos we have. They said it could take up to 10 days to have her spayed (notice I said spayed and not neutered... girls are spayed, boys are neutered... I have it straight now!)

But, I really didn't think it would take 10 days! Actually, it's only been 4 days so far. We are just so anxious to have her home!
We are ready with the basics! A BIG bag of Puppy Chow and a box of Milk Bones are now in stock at our house! We also got some newspapers from our next door neighbors, just in case she isn't house broken yet. Jim is talking about going out to get a dog bed, chew toys, and treats! LOL! It's like setting up a nursery for a new baby!

We FOUND this little house on the side of the street! WhooHoo! It's just her size! The doghouse we have in the backyard is for a much bigger dog (around 60-70 lbs). We are definitely hoping she doesn't get that big. She'll be nice an cozy in this little house the times that she has to hang out in the backyard.

Since we didn't get a call today, that means the soonest that she'll come home is on Saturday! A whole week of waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Newest choices on her new name are: Mayzie, Gigi, Jemma, Angie, Tess. We need to wait until she gets home to see which name fits.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet our new Family member!!!

After weeks of going to 6 animal shelters (some more than once) and 5 adoption events, we almost came home with a 4 year old golden retriever yesterday. In fact we would have brought her home, if they would have let us! We saw her at the golden retriever rescue in Rancho Cucamonga. Before they will let anyone adopt their dogs, they require us to fill out a 6 page adoption application, go through an interview, and someone would have to visit our home to make sure it was dog friendly. It seemed like a lot of hassle to adopt a dog (and by the time we go through all that, the dog may be adopted by someone else)! Anyway, I took their website address and promised to start the application process.

Before I filled out the application, we decided to give the Orange County Animal Shelter one more try... and look who we found:

She was brought to the shelter by her owner because she was too wild around their new baby. She's just a baby herself, only 7 months old! We didn't plan on a puppy, but she looked at us through the bars of the cage and said, "Please take me home!" The shelter thinks she's a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix. She has the body style and head of a golden, and the sad droopy eyes of the cocker.

The owner named her Mimi, but we all agreed that she needs a new name. We are still discussing it. The favorite so far is Zoey.

I'm so sad that we couldn't bring her home, but she has to stay and be neutered. The day after her operation, they'll call us and we'll bring her home.

More pictures coming soon!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Vacation - Day 8

Do you know the name of the United State's newest National Park? It's Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Do you know where the entrance to Cuyahoga Valley National Park is? It's in Independence, Ohio... and we just happen to be staying in Independence, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland)! We can't pass up a chance like that, and Mary and Carley have never been to a National Park.

Today is our last day... we got up early and grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonald's. There is a train that runs the entire distance through the park... up and back in 3 hours! It seemed like a great way to see the park.

We talked, enjoyed the scenery, and talked some more! We took a walk through the train to, it was very rocky... Cheryl had trouble walking a straight line... that's my girl! LOL!

It was a very beautiful park. Everything was so green and wet! What a change from here, where everything is brown and dry...

After the train ride, it was time to say good-bye. It was very sad to think that it may be years before we see each other again :o(

I gave us three hours to get to turn in the car, ride the shuttle from the rental car complex to the airport, get our tickets, go through security, get lunch and find the gate. Well, all of that took about 20 minutes. We had lots of time to explore Cleveland Airport, lol!

We found a mini-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... and we discovered that Dunkin Donuts really does have great coffee!

What a long flight home! Jim and Chris picked us up at the airport! We had a GREAT time, but there is no place like home!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Vacation - Day 7

The hotel comp'd our room for last night. I bet the bed bug infestation to the USA must be really hard on hotels. That was really nice of them!

Today is the DAY! The day we meet Mary and her daughter Carley! We've arranged to meet at noon at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Mary and Carley have a 4.5 hour drive to get there. Cheryl and I are less than an hour away.

We had breakfast at the hotel and had Garmina take us to Cleveland. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens is in a cultural park area. We were able to park at the botanical gardens and walk across the street to the Cleveland Art Museum. As we were enjoying the museum, poor Mary and Carley were stuck in construction traffic. When Mary and Carley were about 15 miles out, Cheryl and I finished at the museum and walked back to the botanical gardens. We tried to get a map of the gardens to look at while we waited, but they wouldn't give us one without a ticket. So we bought our tickets and was in the process of getting a map from the docent, when Mary and Carley walked up! What perfect timing!

Mary is adorable with the cutest mid-west drawl... Carley is adorable, and not at all shy about meeting us! We all hit it off GREAT! It's like we've been friends for years (which we actually have been)!

The gardens were beautiful! These are all Mary's photos. My camera was missing at the time (lost at the bottom of my backpack), DOH! The Rain Forest and the butterfly gardens were great, but it was so hard to get a photo of... Those butterflies are FAST!

It was FUN walking through the gardens. The flowers that Mary knew I didn't know, and the ones that Mary didn't know, I knew...

This is a photo I took of Cheryl as we were travelling through New York. When we were at the botanical gardens, I asked Mary what they were. She said, "We call them weeds..." LOL! Ohio has very pretty weeds!

We parked Mary's car at the hotel and then drove together to.. ARCHIVER'S! (For those who don't know, it's a scrapbook chain superstore which is only on the East coast). You think LA traffic is bad? We were dead stopped on the Interstate. It must have been a really bad accident because they were routing all traffic off the highway. Well, we sure had a nice long time to talk and to get to know each other better!

After shopping and dinner, we went back to the hotel and Mary showed me how to make my mother-in-law's postage stamp afghan! YAHOO! Thank-you, Mary for figuring that out!

Wait until you see what we have planned tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Vacation - Day 6

Things have been going smoothly so far, but that ends today! We stayed in Geneseo, NY last night so that we could drive right into Letchworth State Park in the morning. It turned out that the Geneseo entrance was closed. Letchworth is long and thin (following the canyon, along the river). Driving around to the other end was not a short jaunt.

It was a very beautiful park. It featured three waterfalls... The UPPER Falls...

... The MIDDLE Falls...

... And the LOWER Falls...

... AND of course, the GRAND CANYON of the East!!!

Okay, so whoever named this one obviously has never been to the real Grand Canyon... It was very pretty, and we spent the morning hiking all around the river trail!

Now it's time to leave Letchworth, but where are we going? We pull out the guide book... Since we have to go South to get out of the park, we will continue South to Jamestown, New York (the birth place of Lucille Ball) and have a late lunch. There is a lot of farm land between here and there! Cheryl took this one... she loves that it says "MILK" on the roof, lol!

There was nothing in Jamestown. Even with Garmina's help, we couldn't even find anything to eat. We wanted pizza... can't leave New York without having pizza! The restaurants were closed (only open for dinner), no longer in business, or under new management. After searching for half an hour, we left Jamestown behind. We looked for pizza around the finger lakes, and again, came up empty.

Since we didn't have a Pennsylvania tour book, we decided to head back toward Ohio and find a place to stay along the shore of Lake Erie. Erie, Pennsylvania sounded like a good place. OMGosh, what a scary place that was! Cheryl and I switched places and we got out of there FAST. We continued on to Ohio. Cheryl drove while I poured through the tour book and found a town with lots of hotels and lots of restaurants. We finally stopped at Mentor, Ohio (on the shore of Lake Erie). It was a full day of driving, but what a pretty spot!

It seemed our luck was changing... BTW, have you heard about the bed bug outbreak in the East? Uh yeah, you guessed it... Cheryl and I changed rooms at 11pm.

Cheryl keeps saying how excited she is to meet Carley, and I've texted and talked to Mary to on phone! We are all set to meet TOMORROW in Cleveland... the Cleveland Botanical Gardens at noon! WhooHoo!