Monday, July 28, 2014

O boy Dango!

It's ondo time!!! And with it comes dango!


And a lot of other YUMMY goodness!

Chris's sushi is a work of art, haha!

The whole family is out for FUN!

There is HULA... You see the prettiest dancer up there? That's my mom :oD


But BEST of all the ONDO... All ready to DANCE!

Gotch-yer bling on...

The girls are so pretty...

Ondo, ondo, ondo!!!

I'm ending this post with a few more fun pics:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 6

The cleaning and organizing continues... The craft stuff that was in the dining room has been moved:

It looks so much bigger without the stuff in there (and neater too):

So where is all the crafty goodness? Hidden behind the love seat:

I got a sturdy little bookcase from Target. It's much stronger and better made than the Ikea cabinets that the TV is sitting one. That's a good thing because those steal dies, punches, paper and paint are not light.

It's still close to the dining room table where I work. This is what it looks like from the dining room:

And here it is all tucked in behind the love seat... no peeking, no mess ;oD

Other than that the only other house stuff that's gone on is to take Jim's mom's painting in for reframing. I hope it ends up looking good. I am truely clueless when it comes to frames.

That's it for now... I think there is going to be some paint going on next week, YAY!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Glory Glory Man United

I took the day off and Jim, Cheryl and I headed to the Rose Bowl to see Galaxy play Manchester United. Chris couldn't come because he had class... poor Chris...

Jim is a BIG Manchester United fan.

We got there early and had time to walk through the Fan Fest:

We had some good seats right behind the ManU bench.

Here are the starting 11...

There were some BIG names there!


Things didn't go well for the Galaxy...

And then things got worse...

And worse...

And even WORSE!

That's okay though because we were here to see Manchester United, along with 89,0000+ other people:

And when those 89,000 people all left the stadium at the same time, YIKES! Traffic was ridiculous! We finally got home just before midnight. Then it was up at 6am for work... I kept it low key today ;o)

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone! It's FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my niece and nephew!

Buddy was there too:

Showing off some new tricks:

Where's Jena?

Jena couldn't come... she had a friend over to play :oD

Jammer stayed with us for a few days. What a sweetie she is!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 5

I have picked colors... FINALLY!!! Here they are:

In the paint picture on THIS POST, it's the one on top in the center. I LOVE how this color makes my MIL's sunset picture glow!

We got a notice that our dining room table is here! The baskets and behind the sofa shelves should arrive this week... things are happening now!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Good Day for a Run

Cheryl has been working hard training for her 50K race coming up in October. We have been running in some beautiful places. Today we ran from the top of Peak Park in Newport Beach to Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. I'm still on my bike, but my foot is getting better. Thanks for the strap, Dad! It's really helping!

The weekend before she ran at Malibu State Park for 17 miles. Look at the size of Cheryl's Water Pack compared to everyone else's. I didn't go on that run (it was too rough for a bike) so she had to carry her own water... It was HEAVY!! But she said that she was the only one that didn't run out of water "oD

The weekend before that she ran 18 miles in Dove Canyon. I was along for that one. That's when we learned how much water is needed for these long runs. I was carrying 72 oz of water for the two of us and we ran out.

Well, that's it. I hope to be running again in a couple of weeks!