Friday, November 30, 2012

Electric Run

Jena has her glow on!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It must be Christmas!

It all starts with a red cup! Cheryl and I had our first "red cups" of the season on buy one holiday drink, get one free afternoon. Nothing like a special treat for my birthday... a gingerbread latte. I wonder why "Jack in the Box" is caroling on the Starbucks cup?...

I had a really nice day at my folks house! Chris made me a new blog header. All from scratch... no clip art used! Do you LOVE it? I DO!!!

Cheryl got me a new whistling kettle in RED! It's so PRETTY I LOVE it!

Jim got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab... I must have left enough hints, lol! I'm still trying to figure it out. It's going to be very handy to have around! I LOVE it!

Another thing I LOVE is all my family coming together and making me feel special on my day! I LOVE you all!

Another sign of Christmas comes from my dad... He's always the first one on the block to hang his Christmas lights.

Ready or not... here comes Christmas! Planning. Projects. Decorating. Shopping. Trying to remember what radio station plays the 24/7 holiday music.

Bring on Christmas! I'm Ready!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Card Kit Time!!!

I can't belive that it's almost Thanksgiving! When I saw this great kit from Terri, I had Christmas on my mind!

Look at all those papers!!! At first glance, I see "rustic Christmas," and here is what I came up with:

I was originally going to design a "Santa Girl," but changed my mind and decided to go with a cute roly-poly santa. I cut the santa's belt from a couple of clouds from the kit, and layered the mesh behind the santa for texture.

I used modeling paste to add even more texture, and I LOVE all the sparkly cabochons in this kit! I used them ALL in my projects:

The canvas was all I had planned, but as I was waiting for the Mod Podge and modeling paste to dry, I started cutting more paper and made a couple of cards.

I lifted this first card from Mara. I ADORED her card when I saw it and was wondering where I could get some burlap. Luckily, Terri sent a piece of burlap in just the right size for this card:

For this card, I played with the cute stamped images from Terri:

The bird cage had some extra swirls around the bottom that looked messy with the bling swirl, so I mixed some acrylic paint to match the background and carefully painted the swirl out. You can't even tell!

I also glued a circle of PP behind the clear button. It makes a cute embellishment.

I thought I was done, but Terri also sent us a cute stamp set that I wanted to ink up. I also made a thank-you take just because it's Thanksgiving:

The cute Christmas tree stamp came with some red and green bling. I love how the black stamping came out against the embossed foil.

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Now go see the what the other ladies have created with this kit:

Hostess Terri - Mara, Joni
Hostess Diane, Mary, Beth

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Altered Capri Sun Boxes

It's been a couple of week since my last post. There have been no races, no trips, and no crafting for a while now. Well, I have had a busy crafting weekend!

My sister-in-law helps organize a Christmas boutique at her kids' elementary school. They sell inexpensive items for kids to buy for their parents, siblings and friends. I think this is a fabulous idea, so when she asked me to help, I agreed.

She got four Capri Sun boxes, cut them into a type of organizer, and covered them with contact paper. She gave them to me, and I worked with my sizable scrapbook stash to decorate.

She asked to make a couple masculine and a couple feminine. Here is what I came up with:

This first box is the "All Star" box:

Then we have the "Soccer" box:

This is the "Diva" box:

Lastly, we have the "Hippie Chick" box:

I left lots of room on the labels, so that the kids could write on them. I hope they sell well.

Come back on Tuesday for our monthly Card Kit Club reveal!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zombie Run!!!

A Zombie 5K? Who would do a Zombie 5K? My zombie obsessed daughter, Chris, and me! It's a mud run and there were two types of participants... zombies and humans.

We were registered as humans. We parked about a mile from the registration area, walked to registration in the rain, waited in the registration lines for almost an hour, and finally lined up in the "appetizer" corral for our start. There were also "main course" and "dessert" corrals. The corrals are in the black enclosed area behind us. Our corral was the first to start, when they opened our door we took off like rats into zombie infested lands.

Here is how the race works... the humans each have 3 flags on a velcro belt. The zombies try to steal the flags. If we make it to the end with any flags remaining, we are human. With no flags, we finish as zombies.

There are other obstacles along with the zombies... a 1 mile uphill climb...

On the course (so we don't have pictures) there were mud pits, mud hills, dead ends, and two zombie infested mazes. There was also a slide into a pool of mud. Can you see Cheryl at the top of this picture ready to slide down? If you look closely you can see me climbing up the scaffolding on the back.

There were walls to climb over...

... and other obstacles to crawl under...

Cheryl is the only one who finished alive. She had one flag left. Chris and I ended up zombies. I was so close! The finish line was right in front of me when a zombie ran up behind me and took my last flag.

Cheryl finished human in 43:46, 3/87 in age group, 26/456 overall.
I finished a zombie in 43:45, 2/32 in age group, 24/456 overall.
Chris was also a zombie in 46:38, 4/20 in age group, 49/456 overall.

Cheryl wants to run this again. I hope she can find a friend to run with because even though Chris and I had fun, we are DONE with zombies, hahaha!

Time to clean off! (And Chris really really needs it!)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Going Home...

It's our last day in North Carolina. In the week we've been here, the trees at Uncle George's house have started turning color.

We hung around the house this morning... Feeding the chickens...

And gathering EGGS... uh, well, EGG, and I got to do the gathering!

We reminisced with Colonel George...

He has been all over the world and says that there is no other place that he would want to live than right there in North Carolina.

Time to say good-bye to Joann and Mitzi...

And to Uncle George...

Good-bye, Uncle George! We LOVE you!!!