Friday, October 29, 2010

Mt. Sac XC Invite

Mt. Sac XC Invitational in Pomona is the largest XC invitational in the United States! High School teams show up from all over Southern California to compete in one weekend. All of Capo's JV runners are back to compete in this prestigious event. An XC team must have 5 runners to score, and Capo JV just has 5. Some teams had over 20 runners entered in this race! In order to score well, ALL of Capos runners would have to place high.

The Capo JV doesn't have any SUPER FAST runners, but they do have 5 FAST runners. They do what Chris calls, "pack tight." They all finish together, sometimes right behind each other, causing a block; pushing slower finishers from other teams to a lower place.

Capo's team strategy paid off, and Capo JV finished 2nd place in all of Southern California!!! YAHOO!!! GO CAPO JV!!!

I haven't posted any cute Jena photos for a while. Here's Chris relaxing with Jena after the meet... aren't they ADORABLE?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long time no post...

It's been quite a week... or quite a couple of weeks...

Chris was sick, Jim was sick, Cheryl was sick, and I was sick.
The van broke down again. And we had to juggle cars/schedule to get everyone where they needed to be.
We have Jena... the puppy school menace.
Cross Country invitationals every weekend.
... And I have over 20,000 photos I'm trying to edit/sort for the end of year banquet.

I was sick most of the weekend, and was still feeling queasy enough to rationalize a sick day on Monday. Sick day... sanity day... cross country photo catchup day...

I had a nice relaxing, rainy, day with Jena and Cheryl. It stopped raining in the afternoon, and look who I found resting on the back mat...

Pretty cool, huh? Look at the stuff I miss when I'm at work!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Huntington Beach XCI

The boys have barely had a chance to recover from the meet on Thursday, and they are running in their second meet of the week on Saturday. The top-12 are running the State course in Fresno. That leaves Chris, Phil, and Ricky to carry the Capo team at the Huntington Beach Invitational. This is their first time running this meet, and the bus didn't arrive with enough time for them to checkout the course... so here's the boys consulting with Coach Airy on the map.

Here's the JV team warming up!

This course does a lot of turning back onto itself. It's great for spectators, because we got to see the start, the finish and saw the boys pass by three times. Chris doesn't like this type of course because he said it feels like they do a lot of running but don't go anywhere. This was also a very hilly course, which is another reason why it was so tough.

Times for this course were 40-60 seconds slower than most of the boys' PRs. Chris finished in 17:58 (behind Phil and in front of Ricky). It was 44 seconds slower than his PR, BUT he finished very high in the standings... 35th out of about 300 boys, which earned him (and Phil) a very cool medal.

Great job, boys! GO CAPO!
OC CHAMPS next weekend!

Friday, October 8, 2010

XC League Meet

It's the first SeaView League meet with Capo, Trabuco, Mission Viejo, Tesoro, San Juan Hills, and Laguna Hills. Poor Chris was sick. He still ran JV and got a 17:20; not a PR, but still a good time. He finished 4th for Capo. The Capo JV team finished in 2nd place overall! They have their eye on State Finals this year!

They turn around quickly and have another meet tomorrow in Huntington Beach. The top 12 runners are going to Fresno... that leaves Chris and Phil the top Capo runners running at Huntington Beach! Either one of them could come in 1st for the school! Phil is tricky... He lets Chris lead for the whole race and will try and pass him in the last 400 meters before the finish line. If Chris can hold him off, Chris will win... otherwise Phil will win. We shall see! It will be exciting!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty Share...

Not my crafty share, but Chris's! California State Universities require one year of Fine Arts in High School. Since Graphics Design doesn't count as Fine Arts, Chris took Jewelry Making. This is Chris's first project. He designed the pendent, cut it out with a hand saw and polished it. We met Chris's Jewelry teacher at back to school night and she said he has an eye for detail... a real perfectionist... and I think his project is PERFECT! So did she, since she gave him a 40 out of 40!

Jena really LOVES her Chris! She can't wait for him to get up in the morning. This morning as soon as I opened Chris's bedroom door, Jena went running in and launched herself at the bed... too bad for Chris, he was still in the bed, lol!

Here is a puppy school update. Jim took pity on me and my feeble attempts to get Jena to walk on a leash. Jim is now Jena's puppy school partner! She went crazy again and tried to escape, but Jim was firm with her. After about 10 minutes she settled down and joined the class. They were GREAT even when walking behind the little cairn terrier who was causing so much trouble, barking and snapping at the other dogs. The instructor threatened to put a muzzle on the little guy.

The other problem dog, the golden retriever, was a problem again. He has the exact opposite problem than Jena. He keeps trying to run towards the other dogs to play! lol!

It was a rainy night, but puppy school goes on, rain or shine! Well, since it's night, I guess that would be rain or stars... They practice in a high school parking lot, it was muddy, greasy, oily, YUCK! Jena's legs, bottom and tail were black from the sitting practice. There are two little white dogs in the class: a poodle and a bichon frise. They were a total mess! I just stood on the sidelines last night under my umbrella.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guess What?

Jena can SWIM!!!
... and guess what else?... Jena doesn't like to swim, lol!

She's saying, "Please, save me!!!"