Sunday, February 24, 2008

Progress Map

I like posting the map every other week instead of every week. I feel like I'm making more progress. Here I am... Just crossed the Arizona border... on my way to Woodsfield, OH.

Scrapping the Music - She's not Just a Pretty Face

It's been a while since I've done a Scrapping the Music Challenge. In fact, I haven't done much scrapping at all this year. I have the perfect photo for this challenge. My daughter hates this layout! LOL! All the paper, alphabet, and bling are from the TallyScrapper February kit.

Journaling reads: After not making the Varsity Soccer team, Cheryl didn't give up. She announced that she was going to try out for Capo's first Varsity Lacrosse team. She made it! We now have a Lacrosse player in the family. None of the girls have ever played; most of them don't know the rules, but it looks like a fun game. The coach declared the first scrimmage of the season a success! They lost against ETHS 8-9, but El Toro's Lacrosse program is in its second year.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hahaha! This photo was actually taken last year. Our Valentine's Day this year consisted of work and school. My daughter turned her ankle at Lacrosse practice and my hubby took her to the doctor; and then for x-rays. The good news is that it isn't broken. The bad news is that it's a bad sprain. She could be off of it for 4-6 weeks. While my hubby and daughter were doing their thing. I made dinner for my son and me, then took him to soccer practice. Just another night at our house...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mammoth Videos

You Tube only allows video of 100MB max, so I split the video up into two short videos. Each one is about 2 minutes long. ENJOY!


Snow Mobiling:

Progress Map

I didn't post a map last week because I've been disappointed with my progress. It's taking me forever to cross the Mojave Desert. Here's my current progress to Woodsfield... I'm almost to the Arizona border!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mammoth Vacation

The trip was quite an adventure!

When we arrived Thursday night, they were just getting ready to close highway 203. We had to put on chains and we were in one of the last groups escorted up the mountain. We didn't arrive in Mammoth until 11pm, and by then the snow was falling so thick it was very hard to see. It took us another half an hour to find the condo where we were staying. Here is a photo of the trek from the parking lot to the condo... not easy finding it in the dark and falling snow.

Friday we skied. We went to the smaller of the lodges, Canyon lodge. Since the kids were just beginners, we didn't want to have to fight the crowds at the Main lodge. As we were in line to rent our skis, we heard that the road to the Main lodge was closed. Everyone was heading either to Eagle lodge or Canyon lodge. Since it was Friday, the crowds weren't that bad. The kids were dead tired with only half a day skiing. It was windy and cold on the mountain. That really took it out of them too. They slept really good that night.

Saturday, we headed to the snow mobile area, the weather was beautiful! BUT another storm was supposed to hit about noon. Chris rode with Jim and Cheryl rode with me. We all took turns driving. In the second picture, you can see the storm starting to come in.

It snowed all afternoon, and it snowed all evening. We went out for ice cream... why? Well, because we had a coupon! Ben and Jerry's two sundaes for the price on one! LOL!

It snowed all night and all Sunday morning... and here is what we woke up to. That picture of my daughter was taken in the same place as the photo of the way to the condo that I posted above.

The pass was closed and was not expected to open again until 7pm Sunday night. My hubby had to go to work on Monday or he wouldn't get paid for the vacation day that he took Friday, and the kids had the first day of the new semester. We tried leaving at 10am, and again at noon. When we tried again at 1:30pm, we saw that they were escorting groups through, so we jumped in line. It rained most of the way home. We got home about 8:30pm.

So that's our Mammoth adventure. It was cold and windy and a lot of FUN!!!