Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a GREAT weekend!

First of all we had tickets to see Les Miserables at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. All of us! Jim and Chris too. The singing was amazing, and the play was as sad as I remember. This time I brought tissues, and I shared them with Cheryl too, hahaha!

Saturday was cleaning, laundry, market, and a Galaxy game! What a GAME! The Galaxy won 3-0! They are finally playing well. It was so much FUN!

Sunday, we took the truck out to get dirty. Jim wanted to try the 4-wheel drive while it was still under warranty. Well, it works GREAT! Jim is very pleased with how the truck powers up hills and handles off road. Here are some pictures from today (again from PicMonkey).

... a lot of driving, a little hiking, and a picnic... We had a nice relaxing day in the mountains.


  1. WoW!!! Sounds like a busy, but FUN weekend! Glad the truck worked out so well! Thanks for sharing. I always love seeing all your pictures.

  2. Joni I LOVE all your photos looks like you had a GREAT time!! YEAH for the new truck!! and YEAH Galaxys win!!
    Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!