Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Sports Report - San Clemente Invitational

I worked over 60hrs this week... a real week from "you know where"! We had failed test flights and, grounded aircraft. Whew! I'm sure glad that's over. Welcome weekend, YIPPEE!!!

Chris was invited to run his first track invitational as a part of the 4x800m VARSITY relay team. It was such a beautiful day! This photo of San Clemente High School was not Photoshop-ed! It was really that gorgeous!

Here's the team! What a great looking group of guys! Jose-M ran first (on Chris's right), Chris second, Phil third (on Chris's left), and Jose-V anchoring the team (in the back with red hair).

Poor little Jose-M was grabbed and shoved out of the way during the start. After the first leg, Capo was 5th out of 6. Here's Chris just pulling past a guy from Newport Harbor HS. He finished just in front of him and moved his team up one place during his leg.

Here's hand off to Phil... Phil lost a place. That put Capo back in 5th. The last leg was a FAST one! Jose-V just couldn't hold on to Capo's slim lead and Capo finished last.

This was Chris's first relay and he LOVED it! Too bad the 4x800 is only an invitational event. It's hard to time relay legs, but the coach said Chris finished around 2:16, Jose-M in 2:14, Phil in 2:17, and Jose-V in 2:16.

Cheryl's little girls started their spring season. They had two games today; the first in Whittier which they won 1-0. Their second game was in Mission Viejo. Beach Blvd was closed down to one lane and the team was late getting all the way back. They had to drive straight to the field... no stopping for rest or lunch. They lost 0-3. They have another game tomorrow.

Galaxy season starts again!!! We have our season tickets and are excited for their first pre-season game tomorrow against CD Aguila, a Salvadoran team. Go GALAXY!!!

I hope everyone out there is having a great weekend!


  1. WOW!!! Sounds like Chris had a GREAT run!!! Sure sounds like a fun and busy weekend!

  2. You do sound like you were busy busy!! Yeah Chris.. and Go Coach Cheryl!!!!