Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project Life Marathon Training - Week 15

40 miles this week! It's our longest week of the training plan; 20 miles during the week and 20 miles on Sunday. We ran the Cinco de Mayo half-marathon with my online friend, Mara, and added 7 more miles.

It's weird how the race site has our times wrong. They seem to be exactly 20 minutes off. Must be because we started with the 5K. Here are our actual results:

Chris: 1:57, 7/16 in his age group
Me: 2:01, 8/38 in my age group
Cheryl: 2:12, 18/43 in her age group

We are ramping down this week. It's all downhill from here to the marathon!


  1. Great layout! It is so exciting to meet online friends. Glad you had a good time together.

  2. I so LOVE seeing your LOs joining so FUN to watch you week by week! and YEAH you got to meet Mara!!!
    Have a GREAT day!