Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's MLK Day! No school... and we are just hanging around... Hanging around on Jim's bus! The kids spent Sunday night at our house. We got up early on Monday to drive to Huntington Beach to catch the bus. We waited less than 5 mintues and Jim showed up.

We took a nice ride into Long Beach. In Long Beach, the kids all got to sit in the driver's seat, scan tickets, open/close the doors, and talk on the PA.

Jim also showed them what the bus computer can do. We also saw the bus behind us lower its ramp to load a wheelchair... fun stuff, if you've never seen it before, LOL!
Then it was back to Huntington Beach... We almost missed our stop! It's a good thing that the kids remembered to ring the bell... then we headed home.

What a nice day for a bus ride!


  1. That was sweet! The kids really are enjoying themselves. You are a very good aunt!

  2. Oh that looks FUN! my kids would LOVE that... we will have to catch that bus WHENEVER we get in your area! :)