Saturday, December 12, 2009

Most Outstanding Offensive Player!!!

Cheryl came home from her college soccer banquet and announced, "I was voted most offensive!" And of course we responded, "You should remember to wash your uniform between games!" LOL!

Seriously, We are so proud of Cheryl! She is Saddleback College's most outstanding offensive player for 2009. Which is quite a surprise since she played offense only in the last five games (Up to then, she was a defender). She scored three goals in those five games which made her Saddleback's highest scoring player.

Congratulations Cheryl! What a way to end your college season!


  1. Way to go Cheryl! I am very happy for her and yes...proud too! hahaha

  2. love it!!! congrats to her! love the jibjab pics. and the christmas lights that's hilarious!! i missed your birthday, so sorry, i hope that it was great one and love the giant tootsie roll! and what a great mom you are for doing all those albums. holy moly woman!!!!

  3. That is awesome!!! Congrats to Cheryl, that is a great accomplishment. And I LOOOOOVE your new header!! Your family is beautiful, Joni!

  4. CONGRATS Cheryl!! That is WONDERFUL!!