Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Coaster Run 10K

This is our 3rd race in our "12 in 2012" challenge. The Coaster Run was sold out, and was even delayed a bit because participants got stuck in traffic getting into the parking lot. It was 52F at the start... the announcer guy was not a popular person when he announced the delay.

We started in the first corral, or as Cheryl says, "The first trough." We all did really well!!!

Cheryl finished 7th out of 44 in her age group.
Her time: 56:13, pace: 9:04

Chris finished 3rd out of 20 in his age group.
His time: 48:46, pace: 7:52

I finished 1st out of 31 in my age group.
My time: 52:09, pace: 8:25

So, if we had known, Chris and I would have gotten prizes at the awards ceremony. One of these times we'll have to stick around to see what we win!


  1. YEAH!!!! You all did really well! I bet you were one of the few families racing all together!

  2. Congrats!! Sounds like the whole family did so well in the race. Well done!!

  3. Congrats to everyone Joni!! It sure looks like it was a cold start. So glad you didn't get rained on. I can't wait to hear about race #4!!

  4. CONGRATS to you all!! That is FABULOUS!!!! I too will be looking forward to run #4!! :)
    Have a GREAT day!