Thursday, March 22, 2012

Costa Rica - part 2

Well, with Jim and Chris's pictures all mixed up it's hard to tell, but I think this is day 2. They took a trip out to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Oh, give me a home where the monkeys roam... The monkeys were not behind glass like a zoo. They were up in the trees doing monkey things.

There were also scarlet macaws...

Hmm... whatever that is... It kind of reminds me of a raccoon.

You know how we sometimes get lizards in the house? How would you like one of these in the house? "Oh, no, Mr. Lizard!" lol!

So who went on this jungle safari? Chris and Lita of course...

Lita's younger brother, Eric... looking COOL, Eric!

... And their fearless leader, Jim!


  1. Love the pictures! It would really be cool to see woods with THAT wildlife! WOW!

    Jim....such a hoot!