Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Camera

I got a new camera... Panasonic of course ;oD It's small, so it fits in my running shorts pocket. It's light, so it doesn't pull my shorts down. It takes good night pics without a flash AND it has a really COOL panoramic mode. Check this out!

Hold the button down and pan the camera around to capture the picture... no having to piece the picture together later, no seams, no having the panorama cut short. I LOVE it!

My friend, Mary asked me to take pictures of the inside of the trailer, so she could see it. Jim just redid it. He has the option now of leaving the bed down in a twin size while still have seating for two at the table. I've been busy sewing covers for 9 new cushions for the last 3 weeks. He gave it a test drive this week at the desert and said that it worked great. Of course, if we both go, we'll still have to take the table all the way down to setup the bed, queen size.

So, using my new, very COOL panoramic mode, here is the view inside standing in the door way:

Here is a view from the other side of the trailer looking back to the door:

I had a little extra time after finishing the cushions to take an old t-shirt of Cheryl's and turn it into a t-shirt for Jena-girl. Our neighbor always said that she looks like a hippie... so here she is, our hippie-girl:

While camping, she wears her shirt and curls up into her blanket at night, and she's toasty warm :oD

I hope that everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Joni...thanks for sharing the pictures of your camper. It has more room on the inside than I thought. You did a great job on the cushions. They make the place look bright and homey. Your new camera sounds really cool! Love seeing your house that way.

  2. Joni I LOVE the pictures.. ENJOY your new camera!!!!